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EAP - Physical Activity: Summer Break

May 12, 2021

09:10 AM by Courtney Fitzgerald

FamilySource® Specialists can make planning your summer a breeze

Summertime is approaching, which means school will be out. For many Kansas families, summer brings the challenge of balancing the demands of adult work schedules with the desire to provide safe, fun activities for children. As some families may have plans to take a vacation this summer away from home, others may want to explore ways to enjoy this break as a staycation. Here are some tips when considering either option.

Before announcing to your kids that they can look forward to an upcoming family trip or vacation, it is important first make a plan.

  • Check your budget: Can you afford to take this trip? What is your maximum budget?
  • Check for family scheduling conflicts: Are there any important work events, medical appointments or other obligations you or your family members have?
  • Confirm your time off from work: Do you have the necessary vacation days accrued? Be sure to formally request the time off from your employer.

Once you have gotten the necessary details worked out for a conflict-proof, worry-free departure, you can begin to think about all of the fun details of where, when and how you would like to spend your family vacation. Consider deciding as a family; writing down every idea and talking about destinations that are within your budget and meet the preferences of each family member. Consider staying near one of the following;

  • A swimming pool
  • Parks and outdoor playgrounds
  • Museums or Zoos
  • A movie theater
  • An amusement park, theme park or carnival
  • Organized sport events
  • Outdoor recreational area: camping, hiking, climbing, boating/rafting, or nature conservatories
  • Fun shops: theme stores, toy stores, eateries

The best family vacations are ones that entertain and educate both the parents and the kids and help you forget about the routines and obligations of your average daily life.

The State of Kansas EAP is here to help find ways to enjoy this family time together. FamilySource® is a program within the EAP and is a team of Specialists that can help in planning your vacation, wherever the destination. Researching information can take up a significant amount of your time, let our experts do the work and give that time back to you to spend with your family. Call us at 1-888-275,1205, Option 1 to get started.

Our FamilySource® Specialists can also help address a wide range of issues, such as; child or elder care, adoption, home repair, education and housing needs. They review your specifications, complete the research and create a customized packet with your options.

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