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About Healthy KIDS

Healthy KIDS (Kansas employees Insurance for Dependents Supplement) is a program that helps eligible state employees with the cost of premiums for their children’s health insurance coverage under the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP).

Employees may enroll in any of the available plan options. The state contribution will be based on the lowest-cost plan.

To use the chart below, count yourself and your spouse if living in the same household. Also, count your children under 19 who live with you, including adoptive children and minors for whom you have legal custody.

Have questions about the HealthyKIDS program, click here for our HealthyKIDS frequently asked questions page , or email the SEHP at



HealthyKIDS Gross Income Requirements - Effective May 1, 2023

Household Size Annual Income Monthly Income
2 $47,897 $3,991
3 $60,377 $5,031
4 $72,857 $6,071
5 $85,337 $7,111
6 $97,829 $8,152
7 $110,309 $9,192
8 $122,789 $10,232


If you have more than 8 members in your household, add $1,040 to the monthly income for each additional member.


How to Apply for Healthy KIDS

You may apply online during Open Enrollment when making your health plan and coverage tier elections through your State Employee Member Portal or if you are employed at ESU, KSU, KU, KUMC, or PSU, your University Member Portal.

  1. Sign in to your Member Portal

  2. Click on the Enrollments & Events tab

  3. Click on the Healthy KIDS link in the green box at the bottom of the page

  4. Complete the application

Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified at that time whether or not your application has been approved and no further notification will be sent.

You may also apply midyear at the time of a qualifying event by accessing your Member Portal.

If approved, your premium cost will be adjusted on the date your benefits become effective, or when the qualifying event becomes effective. If the effective date has already passed, the premium cost will be adjusted the next pay period retroactive to the effective date. If you enroll during the Open Enrollment period and are approved for Healthy KIDS, the premium cost will be adjusted on January 1 when the new plan year begins.

If your application is denied and you are applying during Open Enrollment, you may remove your dependents from your health insurance. You will need to contact your agency's Human Resource office to submit a request to remove dependents no later than December 15th. If you applied due to a midyear qualifying event and were denied, you may submit a request to remove your dependents within 31 days of your denial.





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