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2021 Biometric Screening Schedule

January 5, 2021

14:25 PM by Courtney Fitzgerald

One of the simplest and most proactive wellness activities you can do is receive an annual biometric screening. A regular biometric screening keeps you up to date with your key health metrics, including Blood Glucose and Cholesterol levels, Blood Pressure, and BMI.

Due to the everchanging climate brought by COVID-19, the SEHP will publish biometric screening events on a quarterly basis. By publishing the 2021 biometric screening schedule in segments, we will be able to minimize the number of event cancelations; make appropriate adjustments to accommodate COVID-19 safety protocols, including social distancing; and make adjustments to accommodate demand.

Register for a Screening Here!

As a member of the State Employee Health Plan, you can also complete a biometric screening by:

  • Ordering and Completing a Home Test Kit 
    • Orders can be placed beginning 1/1/2021
  • Visiting your Primary Care provider 
    • Physician Forms will be available 1/1/2021

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