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Build Resiliency through Healthy Relationships

February 17, 2021

10:49 AM by Courtney Fitzgerald

We have all felt stress. It can be a positive force, motivating you to perform well or giving you a sudden burst of strength. Often, though, stress is a negative force.  When your body's natural alarm system responds to everyday stressors, it can have negative consequences for your health. Sudden emotional stresses – especially anger – can trigger heart attacks, arrhythmias, and even sudden death. Other forms of chronic stress, such as depression and low levels of social support, have also been implicated in increased cardiovascular risk.

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. We have all experienced it to some degree: during a disagreement with a family member; while speaking to a large group; while meeting a deadline at work. Our various experiences are constantly requiring for us to adapt to changes and cope with stressors. Staying connected with friends and family and reaching out to others is one of the most effective ways to manage your stressors and promote a longer, healthier life. Here are some tips to build healthy relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

  • Seek Support - Do not wait until you reach your breaking point. Recognize and admit that you are feeling anxious and stressed. Pay attention to your body's physical signs of stress (e.g., headaches, stomach discomfort).
  • Nurture Relationships that Matter- More interpersonal contact with the right people can help relieve stress. Research has found that the greatest happiness levels are associated with spending time with people we like.
  • Find a Work Friend- Build relationships at work by connecting with those that have similar workplace goals. Friendships with your colleagues can make your time spent at work, much happier.
  • Connect with Your Partner/Family - Try to strengthen your relationship by turning to each other often. You can do this by simply talking about the everyday events, like the news, a movie you want to see, a good book that you have read or the accomplishments of your children. This builds the confidence and trust in your relationship so you can discuss heavier and potentially stressful topics when they arise.

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We are here to help with everyday stressors; pet care, homework and study habits, child care needs, wills and estate planning, moving arrangements, divorce and child custody, locating a support group, older adult resources, construction and remodeling, and more.

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