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EAP: FamilySource® – Support Groups

April 13, 2021

15:22 PM by Courtney Fitzgerald

The State of Kansas EAP offers employees and their family members access to FamilySource®, which can assist in researching, locating and connecting you to support groups to discuss and hear from others who are experiencing similar life challenges. Support group examples include but are not limited to:

Marriage and Relationship (communication, boundaries, differences)

  • Domestic violence (safety plan, resources, supporting a loved one)
  • National Domestic Hotline: // 800-799-7233(HELP) // TTY- 800-787-3224
  • Mental Health (anxiety/depression, stress, mood disorder) Family and Parenting (divorce/separation, blended families, child with special needs)
  • Addiction Support (smoking cessation, alcohol or drug use)
  • Medical-related Support (disease , sleep disorders or eating disorders)
  • Grief and Loss Support (family, friend or pet)

You or your family member can request assistance in finding a support group by either calling the State of Kansas dedicated EAP number at 888-275-1205, Option 1 or by Sending a Question through our GuidanceResources Online site. A customized packet will be provided to your family and/or you within 5-7 days of the request and can be emailed, faxed or express mailed. If the request is of immediate need, the GuidanceSpecialist will expedite the request to get the employee resources in a shorter amount of time.

This is individualized and the materials provided are researched specific to each request. This is because we understand that each employee has different access to travel, expectations to the type of meeting or topic focus and may have special needs. In finding a support group for an employee and/or their family, we may ask questions to determine specific needs, such as;

  • Format of the session (ie. In-person, video, telephonic)

  • Have you previously attended a support group?

  • Do you have any specific requirements? (Please explain in detail any affiliations or other requirements you might have.)
  • What is most important to you? (location, group size, facilitator experience, etc.)

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