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PrudentRX FAQ

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Reduce out-of-pocket costs on your specialty medications

We’re introducing an innovative way to help you save

Here’s What’s New

Beginning in 2024, PrudentRx will be offered to members using Specialty Medications. The PrudentRx program will provide members the opportunity to get their Specialty Medications through CVS/Caremark at no cost to members on Plan A, and no coinsurance expense to members after the deductible for those enrolled on Plans C, J and N.

How it works

A PrudentRx trained member advocate will be able to assist you through a high-touch, proactive engagement process to facilitate enrollment and help you obtain non-need based manufacturer assistance where applicable.** Participating members will have a $0 out-of-pocket cost on eligible specialty medications!

How to get started

Your enrollment in the program will begin automatically, but additional steps may be needed. You can choose to opt-out at any time.

  • Members on Plan A will benefit by receiving their specialty medications at no cost, with the copay assistance applied to their cost.

  • Members on Plans C, J and N will benefit once their deductible has been met. Members who use specialty medications will receive communications from Caremark and PrudentRX to begin the enrollment process. Members with questions about the new program should contact Caremark at 800-578-4403.

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