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Wellness Challenges

Health quest Wellness Challenges


Practice healthy habits by participating in a HealthQuest challenge!

HealthQuest offers several health and wellness challenges throughout the plan year for members to participate in. Challenges are typically 4-6 weeks in length and give members a goal to reach for the given time frame. Progress can be monitored and tracked in the HealthQuest portal manually, or by syncing a fitness device such as a watch or Fitbit.

Wellness challenges encourage behaviors such as steps and walking, hydration, and physical activity. Work on your health, and get HealthQuest credits along the way!

Each challenge’s credit value equals the number of weeks (ex. 5-week challenge = 5 credits).

Login to the HealthQuest Portal to register, log your challenge progress, and sync a device.

Click here to learn how to Sync a device to the HealthQuest Portal.

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