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About your Benefits 

Healthcare Bluebook is a new benefit for all State Employee Health Plan members of Aetna plans A, C, J, or N where you can shop for care, compare facilities, save money, and get the best quality for your medical services. Did you know that in-network prices for the same procedure can vary by over 500% depending on the facility you choose? 

With Healthcare Bluebook you can find affordable high-quality medical care. You'll see the dramatic price and quality differences for medical procedures depending on where you go for care, so you can make the best choices. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by selecting Fair Price™ (green) facilities for your care. It's easy!  

Plus, you can earn up to a $1,500 REWARD every time you search for select procedures in Healthcare Bluebook and use a Fair Price™ facility for your care. No forms or extra steps required.



How to use Healthcare Bluebook

Using Bluebook to shop for healthcare is easy! Visit or download the Healthcare Bluebook mobile app (company code: KANSAS) to start shopping for care now!

You can search by procedures, physician, or facility.

  • Green indicates facilities that charge at or below the Fair PriceTM
  • Yellow for costs slightly above the Fair PriceTM
  • Red for the highest cost facilities

Always check that your selected provider is in the Aetna network before scheduling.

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How to use the Healthcare Bluebook Mobile App

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