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What Services Does the EAP Offer?

Through the EAP, you and your dependents receive confidential assistance from caring professionals who can help you evaluate the situation, answer questions, explore possible alternatives, develop a plan of action, and then help you find a solution. 

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Did You Know - As a State of Kansas employee, you are entitled to 8 free sessions, per member, per issue, per year. Image shows lightbulb.

Image of counselor and client. EAP counselors provide short-term counseling (up to eight sessions per member, per issue, per year) and/or referral for the concerns that affect most employees in today’s hectic world.Image of Attorney and client. You have an attorney “on-call” whenever you have questions about legal matters. Speak with on-staff licensed attorneys about legal concerns such as divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt and bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, civil and criminal actions and more. If you require representation, you can be referred to a qualified local attorney for a free 30-minute consultation and a 25 percent reduction in customary legal fees.Image of group reviewing papers. Everyone has financial questions. With your EAP benefit, you can get answers from on-staff CPAs, Certified Financial Planners and other financial experts on a variety of topics.

Image of woman with headache. Too much to do, and too little time to get it all done? The work-life specialists can do the research for you, and provide qualified referrals and customized resources for child and elder care, moving, pet care, college planning, home repair, buying a car, planning an event, selling a house, and more.Image of woman waving to laptop. Go online to access timely, expert information on thousands of topics, including relationships, work, school, children, wellness, legal, financial and free time. You can search for qualified child and elder care, attorneys, and financial planners as well as ask questions, take self-assessments, and more.


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