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Non Medicare Medical and Prescription

  • Members of Medical Plans C & N

    • To meet new IRS requirements for Qualified High Deductible Health Plans, members with dependent coverage will see the FIRST Deductible increase to $3,200. The remaining family members would meet the balance of the Deductible of $2,300 for an overall Deductible of $5,500.

  • Specialty Medications

    • Beginning in 2024 PrudentRx will be offered to members using Specialty Medications. The PrudentRx program will provide members the opportunity to get their Specialty Medications through CVS/Caremark at no cost to members on Plan A, and no coinsurance expense to members after the deductible for those enrolled on Plans C, J and N. Learn more.

  • Hearing Aid Coverage

    • The Health Care Commission approved coverage for medically necessary hearing aid(s) and the associated hearing aid professional services to be included with the medical plan benefits. Learn more.

Medicare Eligible Medical and Prescription

  • All vendors remain the same for Plan Year 2024

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